Challenge C4DX 2022 –
Creativity for Digital Transformation in OHS

About this award

In this year 2022, the challenge we are launching focuses on the digital transformation of workers’ job security to help prevent Burnout Syndrome, through the use of a software application, which is why the challenge receives the acronym C4Dx – in OHS.

About the challenge

The Burnout Syndrome

The Burnout (“burnout syndrome”) is probably one of the occupational psychopathologies to which, from the point of view of occupational risk prevention.

It is still necessary to pay its deserved attention.


Although there are several controversies from a theoretical point of view regarding its definition and evaluation, we cannot ignore its presence and repercussions at both the individual and organizational level. As an example, let us highlight a paradoxical fact in Burnout situations, the people who are initially more committed and interested in their work are precisely those who are most at risk.

Who is this challenge for?

Students from Universities in the Community of Madrid, who want to propose a creative idea for digital transformation in the area of occupational health and safety to help mitigate Burnout Syndrome.

Evaluation of Applications

Nominations will be evaluated from two perspectives. The prize will be awarded to the best evaluated application as a whole. 

  • (60%) Technical assessment of the digital transformation project presented, by the UC3M research team. 
  • (40%) Assessment of the creative idea in occupational safety and health, by the IRSST team.


A prize of 600 euros will be awarded to the best creative idea in digital transformation to mitigate Burnout syndrome.
The payment of the prizes will be managed by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and its payment will be made by bank transfer. The amount of the aforementioned prize will be subject to personal income tax in accordance with current regulations.

Key dates

The deadline for submitting applications is: 27 May 2022.

Submit your application here

The list of admitted and excluded applications will be published on 03 June 2022.

The award will be notified to the winner on 09 June, 2022.



Deadline for submitting Applications

Applicants can submit their proposal as they have it ready, but not later than
27 May 2022

Notification of admitted and excluded applications

The list will be published on:
03 June 2022

Notification to the winner

The award will be notified on
09 June 2022


The winner will de awarded with
Amount subject to the corresponding withholding tax.
600 €

Submission of applications

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Terms & Conditions

Click the link to the right to access the terms and conditions of the call for proposals.

Any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions or help with any doubts that participants may have. Do not hesitate to contact.

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